Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Lawsuits paid for by open-ended hourly legal fees with court delays and no certain end, are bad business. Most lawsuits do not warrant unpredictable litigation.

Resolution of disputes within a predictable or predetermined time frame with highly predictable costs, are smart. All that is required to resolve most disputes is…resolve. When a business is not married to being right, and divorced from principle, we can resolve almost any dispute. It is nearly always that simple.

There are, generally, only two fundamental reasons disputes are not resolved in a 2-hour online mediation: (1) One party does not want to resolve it; or (2) One or both parties are stubborn or unwise.

Failing a mediated resolution, especially any dispute of approximately $250,000 or less can be resolved in arbitration, on written submissions only, which means no discovery, oral argument, evidentiary hearings and no live witnesses.

Who are Our Clients? Only businesses or people in B2B disputes. We are especially useful for businesses in the Circular Economy: that buy, sell, service or distribute goods that are remanufactured, refurbished, repaired and intended for direct reuse, with or without warranties, service or protection plans.

Who are We? Exceptional business law attorneys and business law professors (some still practicing or teaching, and some not) with decades of focused experience to provide exceptional, efficient results.

Must a Business be Represented by Counsel in a Mediation and Arbitration? Not in mediation. In arbitration, it depends on the arbitration rules, governing law, and jurisdiction. We will explain that when we meet you.

Where are We Located? Everywhere. Disputes can be resolved from anywhere with online mediation or written arbitration submissions.