Michael Sweig helped me extricate our company from a toxic partnership with its other principal, in a dispute that involved various IP and proprietary information. Termination of the partnership was necessary but could have given our key contract partners grounds for concern. We accomplished our business divorce, I obtained control of our company, and we have maintained our contractual relationships. Mr. Sweig’s legal and business knowledge is sophisticated and
insightful. — A.V.

Michael Sweig is professional, pragmatic, and perceptive. Without his adept negotiation skills, we would not have had consistent successful outcomes in our business disputes. Michael went above and beyond to study the intricacies and complexities of our business to ensure positive results. Prompt and accessible, he is always open for quick calls and updates. He is a joy to work with and skillful. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Michael as an asset. — B.F.S.

Michael, thank you for the communication and detail… To date your results…have been outstanding… all of these examples would have been deals that [we] would have lost. Keep up the good work and communication. Thank you for your commitment to the company. We are lucky to have you. — C.R.C.

Mr. Sweig developed and helped execute a strategy that enabled our family to resolve a professional dispute. With his intelligence and experience, and well-calibrated advice, we were able to conclude the process amicably and quickly. We could not be more impressed or satisfied. — J.S.

As a retired lawyer who has advised and been advised by Michael over many years, I am pleased to state my opinion publicly that Michael is very knowledgeable, creative and thorough. Michael is clearly among one of the most skillful and effective advocates I have known. — A.G.S.

Michael Sweig and his consummate professional staff at Resolve Global, have been ever-available to solve problems by listening, evaluating, and understanding the unique nuances of this specialty provider. They have introduced creative solutions to improve the lives of those we serve and have helped us execute strategies for growth, security, and sustainability. Grateful for this valuable resource.
— F. Paul Muccigrosso II, BS, MSW, MBA
Clinical Director / Board Member
Brain-Body Health Technology Institute, LLC

I have known Michael Sweig since 1975. Michael has advised me in both personal and business negotiations. Each time he advises me, I feel extremely comfortable that what he says represents my best interest. He is not only very accomplished business-wise, but understands that a client’s emotions can be detrimental to a positive outcome. Therefore, Michael uses his keen understanding of human nature to protect his clients from becoming too emotionally involved. I highly recommend Michael Sweig; his results are consistent and positive! — S.M.B.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Michael since the early 1990’s, when he defended the non-compete of an ex-employee, who attempted to walk away with the complete client list of our privately-held family business to start a competing company. Michael also provided valued counsel by writing and/or reviewing many contracts and lease documents for many years. Recently, Michael convinced a former friend of mine (to whom I had loaned a sizable amount of money on a handshake many, many years ago, but who had paid back not a penny) to sign a promissory note and start making monthly payments. I highly recommend Michael for any business consulting, problem-solving and/or negotiations if you need a trusted professional’s personalized and expert guidance. — E.S.

In our family business and personally, we have turned to Michael as an advisor and advocate. He advised the leadership team of our family office, when we discovered a partner secretly competing with a company in which we were co-Founders. Michael provided his perspective on litigation and ADR. Ultimately, we avoided litigation. Michael successfully assisted us in a zoning dispute, by challenging the zoning board of appeals to follow their own rules, under which there could be no result except a vote in our favor. He was correct. — M.F.P.

Inborn perspicacity, problem solving and savvy, combined with experience. Michael sees everything from every angle, and heads off a costly issue long before it even gets on your radar. Highest work standards (off the charts) – he always over-delivers. Let him refine your contracts – it will be the best investment you will ever make in your business. — P.M.

I was better advised than I could have ever expected. Mr. Sweig is capable of handling complicated international scenarios. He knows his craft and is extremely creative and knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services.” — J.C.

Michael is a creative advocate and negotiator.  He is skilled at using arbitration to help his international clients achieve great results. Using arbitration to resolve disputes exclusively in writing makes great business sense. Michael has created an arbitration program that has proven results. — P.L.